Terms & Conditions

Covid 19
Requirements are as follows:
Only 15 people in the gallery at one time
Physical distancing of 2 metres where possible
Face coverings to be worn
Hand cleanser will be provided for use on entering the gallery


The following terms and conditions are in place to support and protect both the hirer, their employees, volunteers, Centrespace Gallery and anyone else involved whilst exhibitions are taking place in Centrespace Gallery and its premises are on hire.

These terms and conditions are to be agreed and signed against prior to Centrespace Gallery being let. A breach of this agreement may result in financial obligations on the hirers part.

Conditions of Use:
The space will only be used for the purpose for which it was hired.

The hiring period runs from Thursday to Thursday. Please collect Gallery keys from the Studio Office at 3pm on the first Thursday and return them by 1pm on the final Thursday.

Private Views:
We do not have an entertainment license so alcohol must not be sold during the private view or at any time of the exhibition. However a ‘donations’ bar for drinks is acceptable.

Hirers are to provide their own exhibition invigilation.
The Gallery is to be locked and secure when left unattended.


Publicity of the exhibition is the responsibility of the hirer. But the Gallery Co- ordinator will post information about your event on the gallery website/local & regional listings/social media and in a monthly newsletter.

Hirers are to provide installation and hanging equipment.


Equipment provided by Centrespace Gallery and Studios is used at the hirers own risk.

Respect for the neighbours, property, the lane and environment is necessary at all times.

Hirers are required to leave Centrespace Gallery as they found it, specifically ready for the next exhibitors.

Hirers are responsible for any theft or damage that takes place during their exhibition. Costs incurred will be deductible from the hirers deposit.

The safety of all persons involved in and entering Centrespace Gallery during the period of exhibition is the responsibility of the hirer.

Centrespace Gallery is not responsible for any loss or injury to any hirers, invigilators or members of the public.

Centrespace Gallery reserves the right to cancel/close exhibitions without notice if we feel that the public are at risk of any physical or mental harm.

Noise is to be kept to a reasonable level, especially the back of the gallery, due to the close proximity of Bristol Law Courts.

Opening Hours

The Gallery is to be open during the agreed hours of the Contract of Hire between Centrespace Gallery and the exhibitor(s).

If hirers are unable to open the gallery for any reason or have to close early, please inform a member of Centrespace Studios by the end of the previous day or very early in the morning so visitors can be notified and the reputation of the gallery can be up-held.

Opening hours on changeover day (Thursdays) is left to the discretion of the hirer.

Centrespace Gallery is to be closed and locked by 10pm at the latest on evening events.


Centrespace Gallery reserves the right to use hirer’s exhibition details and images in our publicity e.g. programmes, printed material, website or social media.


Centrespace Gallery does not accept any responsibility for any damage or theft to art work or hirers property incurred on its premises.

Hirers are responsible for the insurance of their artwork and property whilst on the premises.

Hirers should hold valid public liability and employers liability insurance for the duration of their exhibition, in order to ensure cover for their own work and personal safety. Employees liability relates to injuries to their own staff or to members of the public caused by goods or property brought into Centrespace for the exhibition.

Deposits and Hirer’s Fee:

Regular Hire Costs: £350 for first week

£290 for subsequent week

Special Rate Hire Costs:

For Solo exhibitors £290 – subsequent week hire fee £265

For Student, recent graduate & Charitable Organisations £265 per week. (Please note cost of electricity is charged in addition to the hire fee which is approximately £10 – £35 per week (higher rate applies in winter months if using the heaters).

Deposit rate £150 for the first week, plus £30 for each week thereafter

Deposit is payable upon acceptance of gallery booking.

Deposit must be sent with your signed contract.

Deposit must be paid no later than 4 weeks after receiving the contract if this is six weeks prior to the exhibition start date.

Deposits will be returned minus electricity and any cleaning costs incurred, within 4 weeks of the last day of the exhibition.

If the gallery is left in an unsatisfactory state on departure, £25 per hour will be deducted from the deposit to pay for the gallery to be tidied and cleaned. (This decision is at the sole discretion of Centrespace Gallery).

The remainder of the deposit will be returned via online bank transfer once Centrespace Gallery has inspected the space following departure.

If the gallery incurs a financial charge from cancelled cheques, change of address or reasons not listed, by fault of the hirer, the financial penalty will be passed on to the hirer.

The hire fee is payable 6 weeks prior to the exhibition start date. Please contact Centrespace to check deadlines for inclusion in the Gallery programme.

If the hire fee is not paid 6 weeks prior to the exhibition, Centrespace Gallery reserves the right to cancel the exhibition and retain the deposit. You will receive a formal letter from Centrespace Gallery confirming this decision.


In the event of cancellation, Centrespace Gallery will:

Retain the full deposit for cancellations up to 3 months before the exhibition start date.

Retain the full hire fee and return the deposit if a cancellation is made within 1 month of the exhibition start date.

Please see the Centrespace (Gallery) website for full details on hire of the Gallery.

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